Welcome to BreastFriendBlues!!

This blog has been in the works for quite a while but today, I just decided to sit down and make it happen!  We want to use this blog as an opportunity to provide women with interesting stories, insight about bras (and everything in between) or quite frankly, a place to vent about breasts and the BLUES women experience because of them. We hope you will take the journey with us; we plan to make it fun, carefree and informative. Let’s make it happen!


Do men really understand what women go through?

A male friend sent me an abbreviated version of a video where men find out what its really like to have large breasts – S&S Intimates loves the video! Granted, the video was made by a bra manufacturer, but they wanted their male employees to understand what full-figure breasted women experience in order to become better bra makers. Here’s the video


Could you imagine your spouse or male family/friends walking around with breasts? Just think how much they would be complaining – Lol! They would not be able to handle it.  Here’s the link to the full video: (subtitles and all).

The daily journey of having breasts can be irritating, but we want to give you a voice. If you have a topic you want to include, let us know. This is the beginning of our journey together. We would love to hear your feedback/thoughts.

S&S Intimates at the Women’s Empowerment Expo

At S&S Intimates we are all about empowering women in the way they look and more importantly the way they feel. What better time to officially launch our blog than the day of Woman’s Empowerment Expo. Stay tuned for more from our blog, come meet us at our retail location, follow us on social media or just say hello. Can’t wait to hear from you guys!

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